United Arab Emirates

Embrace the beauty and seductive allure of the desert as you travel from place to place in this heaven on earth. Desert safaris which can take you to mesmerizing oasis in the midst of barren wilderness, overnight camping in the desert under the clear star filled sky and the unmatched feeling of having attained the summit of peace and tranquility are unique to the land and its cordial people. Theme Parks which take you to the peak of thrill and adventure and cruises across the rich waters as you gaze upon the tall skyline makes you ecstatic about having accessed this priceless pearl in the ocean. Behold the power and agility of the majestic Arabian horses and the charm and serenity of the underwater creatures as you explore the rich treasures this place has to offer to the discerning tourist. Embark on a fun filled journey while trekking, zip lining, having roof top views from some of the tallest buildings in the world and enjoying the opulence and grandeur of the Land of Magic that is the Emirates.