India’s longest dual zipline, over Kerwa Lake in Bhopal at Madhya Pradesh has become a major hit among those who seek the different, the extraordinary. The mesmerizing beauty of Dhuandhar Falls of Narmada River is best enjoyed through the cable car ride which goes across the marble rocks of Bhedaghat. River rafting is a popular sport at Orchha in the turbulent waters of the Betwa River. The natural rock formations at Panchmarhi challenge even the most skilled of rock climbers. Experience jungle at close proximity by camping and trekking at Delawadi located inside the Ratapani Reserve Forest. Trekking across the Satpura range from the Pandav Caves to Dhoopgarh is a unique experience in itself. Panchmarchi hill station also has paragliding and parasailing to offer making it a dream destination for many. Bargi Dam is another major destination for those who seek the unique as it offers a variety of water sports as well as hot air balloon rides.